What We Do

Overgrown Productions is a one-stop full-service production company.

Operating across Asia with a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, we transform ideas into captivating and meaningful visuals and help our clients promote themselves and their products

Recognizing the unique requirements of every project, our production services are fully customizable for every client and project. We are well-experienced working with a wide range of clients from various industries, from personal brands to multinational corporates.

We have proven our expertise in delivering high-quality content to multiple international news channels and international artists. The consistency in every single step of our process has gained us the trust and the loyalty of our repeat clients. We hold ourselves to high international standards and we promise to deliver on time and on budget, always.



Film Production

Film Production

We are specialists in all aspects of film production. We offer fully integrated production services for feature films, commercials and advertisements, music and entertainment videos, documentaries, digital and social content vlogs, event highlight videos, visual effects, and 3D animation. From pre-production script writing and location scouting to full production crews and post-production service

Commercial and Digital Content

We pride ourselves on the success of our partners. Overgrown team has partnered with many reputable local and international brands to tell their stories through engaging visuals. We make a point of understanding partners’ unique brand identities and target audiences, to help them stand out in their fields. Whether you need a TV commercial, branded video content, or social media video ad, we are ready to be your reliable production partner and deliver top-quality production services.


Remote shooting

Remote Shooting

Remote Film Production

Our remote film production services have you covered from within the comfort of your home, office, or remote set anywhere in the world. We offer fully integrated remote production services using top-notch equipment and professional video conference tools to allow for real-time monitoring and feedback.

Understanding the challenges that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed an efficient workflow and strict health and safety protocols to comply with local government regulations and ensure the safest production sets while producing the highest quality products. We prioritize constant communication by utilizing high-definition video conference tools to provide you with real-time monitoring and allow for maximum control throughout our co-production.

Live Stream

Utilizing our professional equipment and tools, we can broadcast your events or social events live on social media platforms and applications in high resolutions. We will assist you through the whole process from set up to finish making sure that your event runs smoothly across all the platforms of your choice.


Special Effects

Special Effects

Special Effects

Special effects can create unique experiences for your films or videos, whether you want to spice up the action scenes or induce certain emotions using weather elements. Our special effects services include rain, wind, fire, smoke, fogs, weapon rentals, stunts and models, and more.


Production Phases

Production Phases

3 Phases of Video Production Made Simple

Overgrown Productions will guide you through each phase and show you how you can optimize each step for the success of your project.

Video production is a balance of strategic planning and artistic creativity to grab the audience’s attention and promote business objectives. It involves a lot of time, effort, finesse, and collaboration from all involved parties. 

The production consists of 3 phases: pre-production where the planning is done, production where the video is shot, and post-production where everything comes together.

Productions Made Simple

Phase 1 - Pre-production: Planning for Success

The first approach for every video production is to determine the project’s concept and main objective. This is a crucial step of the pre-production phase, where all the planning is done to ensure the project runs smoothly and the video is a success.

Each type of project requires a different strategic plan and its own peculiarities. For example, in the production of commercial videos, the first thing to consider is the campaign objective. Whether to brand awareness or promote sales, the objective of this type of video is to maximize the client’s budget and convert it into a measurable business goal. On the contrary, in the production of music videos, visual and artistic components are the main thing to consider. The objective of this type of video is to promote and showcase the artist while grabbing the attention of the viewers with an eye-catching video that they want to rewatch and share. 

Going the extra mile to understand the video objective and audiences ensures a strong foundation for the video production process.

Once the objective is set, the next step is to develop the execution plan to stay within the budget and the deadline. This phase includes writing the script, constructing the storyboard, scouting for locations, putting together the production brief, and discussing amongst the team to ensure that everybody is on board. This is the phase where the creative approach gets visualized and translated into practical steps. Crew, equipment, talent, makeup, wardrobe, locations, and permissions should also all be confirmed in advance to ensure that everything is well-prepared for the shooting day.

Phase 2 – Production: The Big Day

The shooting day involves the coordination of multiple parties, from the Director, the Assistant Director, the Director of Photography, the Producer, the Production Designer, the Art Director, the Production Manager, the Gaffer, the talents, the stylist team, the makeup artists, and more. There are many details to execute on the day and every cast and crew member plays a crucial part in the success of the shoot. Having a well-prepared pre-production plan would also significantly contribute to the success of the day.

The shooting day’s schedule should factor in setup time, commute time in case of shooting in multiple locations, break time for the team, how many types of shots are needed, break time for the team, and more. Precisely following the schedule, the production is ensured to stay on time and on budget.

Phase 3 – Post-production: Reinforcing The Objective

The post-production process involves taking the best takes and sending them to the Editor to compile them and cut them down to fit the desired length. Special effects and voiceover can be added to further visualize the video objective and the main message. Once the video is put together, the Colorist will color the footage to reinforce the visual brand and the Sound Engineer will add music to further complement the video’s idea and keep the audience engaged.

Once the edit is complete, the video will be rendered into the desired format. Depending on the platforms where the videos will be viewed, the aspect ratio and file format should to optimized accordingly for the perfect viewing experience.

Now you understand the process of video production.

However, if you’re not ready to produce your own video, you can consider hiring a professional video production company to help you reach your objectives and visualize your ideas.

Overgrown Productions is ready to bring your vision to life.

Overgrown Productions is a one-stop full-service production company. Operating across Asia with a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, we transform ideas into captivating and meaningful visuals and help our clients promote themselves and their products.