Who we are

Overgrown Productions is a multi-disciplinary team with extensive hands-on experience and diverse backgrounds in the entertainment, advertising, and marketing industries. We are creators, strategists, artists, and production experts who share a passion for filmmaking and visual storytelling. Together, we can speak Thai, English, Mandarin, and more.


Leadership Team

Ryutaro Sato

Film Director
Ryutaro is a dedicated film director with great attention to detail. Gaining over 10 years of hands-on experience in the film industry, he has been working consistently and relentlessly alongside many successful international artists and brands. He is recognized across Asia as a rising film director in Thailand
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Dennis is a highly dedicated filmmaker from Arlington, Texas. He specializes in documentary work on human rights, sustainability issues, and nature. Working on documentaries has led him to work alongside well-known, international organizations such as VICE, Al Jazeera, UNESCO, Fair Trade USA, The United Nations, and many others.


Multimedia journalist & producer.
Caleb Quinley is a multimedia journalist, producer, and editor based in Thailand. He covers conflict, autocracy, dissident culture, and human rights in Southeast Asia with a special interest on Thailand and Myanmar. He examines regional affairs, politics, and the affects of authoritarianism across Southeast Asia for across multiple mediums. His investigative work has been featured in renowned publications such as National Geographic, The Guardian, Al Jeezera, The Independent, LA Times, VICE World News, and others.
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Assistant Director
Marisa is a film industry veteran. She has experienced film productions thoroughly inside and out, both as cast and crew, from commercials to music videos. The problem-solving skills she has gained from her years of direct experience are unmatched, making her a highly valued member of our team.
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Special Effect Specialist
Maxwell is a seasoned special effect specialist with extensive experience in international film productions. He has worked alongside many global production companies and well-known directors. He can create fire, rain, wind, explosions, and more, utilizing his technical skills to make the dangerous-looking effects
safe for everybody on set.
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Line Producer
RJ has an amazing set of creative eyes. He has a strong passion for photography and over ten years of experience in digital marketing working on campaigns for multiple local and international brands, from start-ups and large corporates. He makes sure the works we deliver align with the clients’ branding and will be great hits on social platforms.