Overgrown Production House Thailand is a full-service
international production company based in Bangkok.

We are specialists in all aspects of film production.

Operating across Asia with extensive track records, we offer fully integrated production services for feature films, music videos, documentaries, photography, and more.

We provide film & documentary making services.

Overgrown Productions has rapidly become one of Asia’s most respected film houses. Our feature film & documentary division is widely known for producing exceptional feature films & documentary films

We pride ourselves on the success of our partners.

Overgrown team has partnered with many reputable local and international brands to tell their stories through engaging visuals and help them stand out in their fields.


The core value of our services is transforming ideas into captivating and meaningful visuals and helping our clients promote themselves and their products. We pride ourselves on our consistency, the quality of our work, and the success of our clients.

We are an international production company based in Bangkok, Thailand.

We specialize in Visual Storytelling.

Overgrown Production House Thailand has a multi-disciplinary team with hands-on experience and diverse backgrounds in the entertainment, advertising, and marketing industries. We are creators, strategists, artists, and production experts who share a passion for filmmaking and visual storytelling.

As a client-focused company, our goal is to be a part of our client’s success. Whether individuals, brands, or corporates, we are committed to going the extra mile to help our clients express their unique identities and stand out in their fields. We strive to understand their needs and their audiences as best as possible and deliver the right message through compelling visuals.


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Overgrown Productions has rapidly become one of Asia’s most respected film houses. Our documentary division is widely known for producing exceptional documentary films and narrative-driven features across Asia and beyond. We have been nominated for international filmmaking awards, and our diverse team consists of some of the industry’s best creators.  Numerous multinational corporations, global media brands, and NGOs have chosen overgrown productions for our cutting edge style of directing, cinematography, editing, and our culturally diverse teams. But it’s our deep commitment to the perfection of the art of visual storytelling that distinguishes us from other film houses in Asia. We tailor-make our documentaries to meet each of our clients’ individual needs, and have a proven track record of bringing the highest level productions to international clients across a large range of topics. In order to properly produce such a wide range of stories, we have writers, directors, and cinematographers from all around the world. And we believe this brings a uniquely close level of understanding and perspective to each of our films, separating us from other production agencies in the region. Overall, we strive for excellence on each of our projects. And we strongly believe in the power of storytelling and how filmmaking can impact the world. 

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Comprehensively experienced in the film production industry, our production house thailand have been demonstrating mastery in our crafts providing top-quality services and producing exceptional films for a broad range of reputable clients in Thailand and across the globe including international news channels and some of the big names in Asia’s music industry.

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