We are an international production company based in Bangkok.


Operating across Southeast Asia with extensive track records, we offer full-service productions of feature films, commercials, digital content, music videos, documentaries, photography, and more.


We also offer remote video production services to multi-national clients across the world.

We specialize in visual storytelling.

Overgrown Productions is a multi-disciplinary team with hands-on experience and diverse backgrounds in the entertainment, advertising, and marketing industries. We are creators, strategists, artists, and production experts who share a passion for filmmaking and visual storytelling.

As a client-focused company, our goal is to be a part of our client’s success. Whether individuals, brands, or corporates, we are committed to going the extra mile to help our clients express their unique identities and stand out in their fields. We strive to understand their needs and their audiences as best as possible and deliver the right message through compelling visuals.


We work closely with our local and multi-national clients as part of their team, rather than as a service provider, bringing our years of experience in the field to ensure a seamless process from pre-production to finish.

Video production
Video production
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Comprehensively experienced in the film production industry, we have been demonstrating mastery in our crafts providing top-quality services and producing exceptional films for a broad range of reputable clients in Thailand and across the globe including international news channels and some of the big names in Asia’s music industry.

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